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7 Forces of Business Mastery

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The 7 critical areas for your business to dominate your market

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In this powerful video series, Tony breaks down the 7 Forces of Business Mastery which have given thousands of businesses — of every size, in every industry — proven strategies for dominating their markets.

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Effective Business Map

1: Having an Effective Business Map

5 or 10 year plans have become redundant, but knowing your 'territory' is critical - What business are you REALLY in?

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Constant and Strategic Innovation

2: Constant and Strategic Innovation

You can't afford to be left behind – Are you innovating consistently and for the right reasons?

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World Class Marketing

3: World-Class Marketing

Is marketing today easier or more difficult than it was 15 years ago? See why Tony's answer is: "It's both!"

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Sales Mastery Systems

4: Sales Mastery Systems

The core to the profitability of your business - What 2 elements must you look for to find the best sales people?

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Financial and Legal Analysis

5: Financial and Legal Analysis

You can't just think of accounting - How do you turn your company's numbers into intelligence?

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Constant Optimisation and Maximisation

6: Constant Optimisation and Maximisation

Tony's favourite business subject - Why do most people's business plans fail? To succeed you must practise the 3 levels of mastery.

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Raving Fan Customer and Culture

7: Constantly Create Raving Fan Customer and Culture

This should be your entire focus - How do you get raving fan customers? AND an internal raving fan culture? What's your X-factor?

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From Having an Effective Business Map to Creating Raving Fan Customers you'll learn the strategies and tactics that will take you on the path from where you are now to where you want to be.

Who Is Tony?

Tony has impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 countries - including Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi, Donna Karen & Hugh Jackman. Multiple Honours include one of Accenture's "Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World" & International Chamber of Commerce's "Top 10 Outstanding People of the World"